Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pirate P'aaaarrrrr'ty!

ARRRRGH! Happy 3rd birthday to my little pirate!!
My baby three-year-old loves Disney's Jake and The Neverland Pirates so he wanted a Pirate Party for his birthday this year. So that is exactly what we did, me hearties!

AHOY - the food spread!

We grilled ye some Mr. Smee's Sea Biscuits (hamburger sliders) and served those along with some Seaweed Salad (pasta salad). We also had Ships & DipsFruit Swords, and Pirate's Gold (cheddar cheese cubes).

After eating some pirate grub, we headed over to the pirate games!

As guests came in, they could grab ye parrrrty favors, i.e. their pirate gear, and set sail for the games!

We had a relay race to find the treasure. Each matey had to complete the course in order to find the treasure chest (a pinata filled with pirate coins and candy!) Our guests' ages ranged from 11/2 - 41/2. They had to 'Walk the Plank' and then 'Swab the Deck'.  They walked across a board raised slightly above the ground. They then had to take the sponge and dunk it in the soapy water and 'swab the deck'. Once they finished swabbing the deck, they had to run the sponge back to the next matey in line. When they were all done, they got to go to the treasure chest!

the cap'n walking the plank 

and then swabbing the deck

one lad running the sponge back to the next little pirate - so fun!

Shiver me timbers...THE TREASURE CHEST!

Once we were done with the games, it was cake and presents time...
but we decided to take a quick detour and give the donkeys a treat first!

The dessert table consisted of cookies, cupcakes, candy and even a pirate hat birthday cake for the birthday boy!
To see how I made the pirate hat cake, you can click here. Super easy! To make the black icing, I bought chocolate fudge icing and mixed in black food color paste (found at Michaels).

 (Chips Ahoy and chocolate hazelnut pirouettes)
 (Vanilla Oreos)
 (Pixy Stix)
 (Peanut M&Ms)

And what pirate wouldn't want to finish his adventures without a swim?!? Everyone got to go overboard and cool off in the pool afterward. YO HO!

We had so much fun and of course we couldn't have had such a blast if our friends and family hadn't been there to help us celebrate! Fair Winds, me buckos! Here's to another great year!

Photos courtesy of Jennifer S.

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