Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sip 'N See: Cookies & Milk

Being in Texas, it felt only right to take part in the southern tradition of hosting a Sip 'N See for a dear friend honoring her new baby boy! Basically, this is a post-baby shower where people can come by to "sip" some drinks and "see" the new baby. With her newborn in mind, we thought it would be fun to theme her Sip 'N See as a Cookies & Milk party!

We framed the invitation and put it in the entry way to welcome guests in. We had it as an open house where people could come and go as they please.

The banner to welcome Baby Ames!
*I used the "got milk?" font (aka cgPhenixAmerican) for all the labels and banners. 

The transfer stickers spelling out his name applied to each bottle filled with Cookie Crisp cereal made for a cute touch on the cookies & milk table.

I found some vintage milk bottles for the guests to pour their milk in.

A little monogram initial by the recliner where the momma and new baby were sitting.

The cookies and milk table! I found these cute FREE printable milk cartons from You can print the template to make them yourself here!

And my husband and I had a blast thinking up fun little boy labels for the food on the delicious menu our friend Kim created!
For cookies, we served "mud pie" chocolate brownies, "tough guy" toffee almond, "super hero" sugar, "shhh...don't" snickerdoodle, and my favorite, oatmeal & "raisin hell"!
Also on the menu were "little boy blue" cupcakes, mini "strawberry" scones, "boys only" club veggie & hummus sandwiches, "playing chicken" salad in phyllo cups along with veggie chips and cheese straws and some almonds and pastel blue M&M's.

For drinks we had of course our "got milk?", but we also served some "lemonade stand" sparkling lemonade and iced "t-ball" with mint.

Two different kinds of cookies were set in a basket by the door for guests to take with them as they left. The cookies were placed in CD covers closed with a label that said "SWEET BABY AMES" or "So SWEET of you to come".

Everyone had a great time sipping and seeing! Here is the mama enjoying her cookies and milk!

Out of all the cookies & desserts there, the guest of honor was the still the sweetest thing in the room!