Tuesday, September 13, 2011


    Okay, so I thought I’d be financially savvy (is that a real term???) and try to get some staple items for Clark’s birthday party at some of the cheaper stores instead of the norm of grocery stores. SO I try Big Lots - they sell soda. GREAT! I have NO idea how much sodas normally cost but since they are at Big Lots, they must be automatically cheaper. AND not only do they have soda, but they have a big sign on the shelf that says “2L bottles of soda - $1.25 -UNBELIEVABLE DEAL”. SCORE!!! I proudly grab quite a few bottles because I am thinking of how lucky & smart I am that I came upon this great “unbelievable” deal. 
    The NEXT DAY, I am doing my other grocery shopping at our normal Kroger. And because I want to feel even better about my great soda deal, I check to see how much Kroger is selling their 2L sodas for. I’m so excited; I start thinking about how I’ll put my Big Lots receipt on the fridge and write in how much I saved in comparison to buying them at Kroger.
Wow - Kroger has a big sign too on their shelf. Except their sign doesn’t say $1.25. Nope, it says “2L bottles of soda - $0.84” Yes, that is correct. They were selling the same exact 2L bottles of soda for 84 cents. D’OH!
    This was a “smart shopping” fail. Lesson - just because you’re shopping at a closeout retailer like Big Lots, does not automatically mean you are getting the best deal.